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Welcome to the future of news. It’s premium content without ads or paywalls or incomplete story snippets. It’s multiple sources from around the world, brought to life in a single, beautiful place. It’s PressReader.

Enjoy unlimited access to major newspapers like The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Gulf News, and top magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Vogue, and Top Gear. Every time your passengers sail with you, they can download their favourites to read, anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Over 7000 publications from 120 countries in 60 different languages

No matter where your guests are from or what they’re interested in, they’ll find something they like. Curious owners, guests and crew can search PressReader by country or by city to find premier guides for local events, music, art and entertainment.

They can keep up-to-date with news from abroad or news from home. And, if they want to read a publication originally produced in another language, our translation feature makes it easy.

Printed newspapers

Offer this unique perk to captains and crew. Unlock unlimited access to news, sports and entertainment from home to keep them informed and inspired every day.

Crew welfare

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For the traditionalists 

PressReader offers a print solution so that owners, guests, and crew can select their favourite publications and print them on board, on demand. Our print solutions offer premium titles that aren't available on the app, like The New York Times, Financial Post, The Times and more.

“Physical papers provide a satisfying tactile experience. Holding a newspaper while on vacation evokes a comforting feeling of home ­– which is exactly what a superyacht is. It’s a home away from home.” 

- Guy Romarate, Assistant Technical Officer on board the M.Y. Rising Sun 

We’d be happy to show you how PressReader can be an awesome amenity for every type of passenger.

So, drop us a line and one of our team members will get back to you.