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When we started working on this issue of The Insider magazine, we lived in a very different world. Then the global pandemic hit, and overnight, our lives and our companies changed in ways we never imagined.

Although it was a shock to our lives, businesses, and markets, COVID-19, like crises before it, allowed us, or rather forced us, to think outside the box and change the way we live and the way we do business. Priorities changed as did sustainable development initiatives across most industries. 

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What's inside

We invite you to browse this 13th issue of The Insider, where we explore how different industries supported the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) before the pandemic, and what changed as a result of COVID-19. 

Yalmaz Siddiqui

Vice President of Corporate Sustainability 

MGM Resorts International

Hervé Houdré

Vice Founder of H2 Sustainability Consulting 

2006 Independent Hotelier of the World by HOTELS magazine readers

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Sustainable Development in 2020

His strategic vision and insightful commentary make him a popular speaker at industry events where he shares how businesses in the travel, education, and publishing sectors can capitalize on innovative opportunities that others don’t see.

Besides being the Editor-in-Chief of The Insider magazine, Nikolay is an Industry Partner of World Travel & Tourism Council, and also serves on the Management Board of FIPP, the network for global media.

Read about: 

  • Why being green is a good start, but it's just not good enough
  • Why technology isn’t a death sentence for the planet
  • How El País, Spain and Hearst Corporation are leading the way in sustainable publishing
  • How embracing the 3Ps of the Triple Bottom Line can make your business more sustainable
  • How public libraries play a vital role in supporting people, prosperity and the planet
  • The whole truth about travel and tourism’s impact on sustainability
  • Why goodwill isn’t charity; it’s good business

Featuring insightful interviews with top sustainability experts 

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In 2019, Hearst completed its California Flats Solar Project, Jack Ranch, installing a million solar modules that produce clean, renewable electricity for the likes of Apple and Pacific Gas and Electric.

Jack Ranch displaces over 109,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year—the equivalent of removing ~22,000 cars from the road.

Iberia Airline removed printed newspapers and magazines from its flights in 2019 and sponsored access to a digital media platform with over 7,000 digital publications for passengers to enjoy on their personal devices.

This sustainability initiative removed over 640 tons of paper from Iberia’s aircraft — 615 tons of CO2 in one year – winning the flag carrier airline of Spain FITUR’s Tourism Excellence Award for Sustainability and Green Initiatives award.

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Featuring insightful interviews with top sustainability experts 

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