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Tools For Success is your access portal to the resources you need to help ensure your patrons, students or staff enjoy everything PressReader has to offer. You will find downloadable marketing collateral in digital or print, best promotional practices and a help section for finding answers.

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Marketing Collateral

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Here are some examples of what you can use as copy for your marketing:

1. Get unlimited access to the world’s best content as a member of (your library).

2. Get access to more than 7,000 of the world’s top newspapers and magazines as soon as they’re available on shelves. Available at (your library).

3. No limits on downloads. They're yours to keep forever.

We do our best to promote our popular international titles — we recommend you do the same! Below is a list of titles that are often used in our marketing material:

- The Guardian
- Newsweek
- Daily Mail
- Der Tagesspiegel
- Libération
- China Daily
- La Razon

3 simple rules to keep in mind:

1. Avoid using the word 'free.'

2. When promoting titles outside of our recommended list, please check with us first.

3. Add the PressReader app download link to your website so patrons can easily download the latest version:  

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This offer expires on June 25, 2020

This offer expires on June 25, 2020

We do our best to promote our larger international titles and describe PressReader with phrases like “unlimited access” and avoid the word ‘FREE’. This comes from a lot of time spent doing user research and analysis on words that best resonate with our user base. We’re confident these work best on social media and the like.

To assist in connecting your patrons, students or staff to the world of information available on PressReader, this collection of marketing collateral includes images for sharing on social media as well as files that can be either shared digitally or printed for placement within your library.

We want to see what you do! Take pictures of your promotions, and email us. Tag @pressreader and hashtag #pressreader on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Excellent examples of where to place collateral are: TV’s located throughout your library, tables, by your help desk or check out area, social media, or your own website.





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Digital Collateral for sharing

Digital Signage Videos (no audio)

Collateral package includes:
   - bookmark
   - flyer
   - mini flyer
   - poster
   - tent card
   - banner

Digital signage allows you to display PressReader collateral and video tips along with your other library announcements and information. Our digital signage videos are silent so that your patrons can continue to explore the world of books, newspapers, and magazines available to them without any distractions.


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Tools for Success — Libraries & Institutions

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The Economist is now available on PressReader 

The Economist is now available on PressReader, giving our public library partners access to award-winning analysis and commentary on politics, business, science, finance, technology, and culture — in full digital replica and always up-to-date.

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The Economist Promotional Toolkit


The New York Times is now available on PressReader 

Transform your library’s offerings with The New York Times, providing your patrons with easy access to unparalleled journalism and a wealth of knowledge, fostering a more informed and engaged community.

The New York Times Promotional Toolkit

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The New York Times Promotional Toolkit 

*Available for non-US public libraries.